police_corozalA 16 year old female cashier from the Corozal District is tonight recuperating from a horrific ordeal. The young woman was heading home and as she walked along the San Roque Road by the Ministry of Works in the Corozal District waiting for her father to meet her, three persons on bicycles traveling in the opposite direction rode pass her. A short while after one of the individuals turned around and headed towards her direction.


As he rode pass her he signaled to his other two companions. When young woman turned around she noticed that the men were riding towards her. As they reached to where she was standing one of the men grabbed her from around the neck while the second grabbed her from around the waist and threw her to the ground.


The 16 year old fell on her knees and at that instance the male person that was holding her by the waist tried to take off her pants. As she screamed for help, the other individual that was holding her from around the neck took out a knife and placed it on her chest at the same time demanding that she stop screaming.


Luckily, the father of the 16 year old arrived in the area and the three individuals ran into some bushes. Reports are that while the 16 year old tried to call police for assistance one of the men came out of the bushes with a knife in hand and threatened to kill them. Police have detained three individuals one whom sustained and injury to the face while struggling with the 16 year old. During the attack the young woman lost her cell phone valued at $270.00 and purse containing $30.00 in cash.

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