imageLast night Corozal recorded its fourth murder as a criminal or criminals made their way into the home of 57 year old Canadian National Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich. Nichiporowich, who relocated to Belize some six months ago, lived on the second floor of a two storey building located in the Consejo Shores Area of Corozal Town when her life was viciously taken away by a ruthless intruder or intruders. Our news team has been following the story since morning and here is what they found.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

The peacefulness surrounding a neighborhood in the Consejo Shores, Corozal, was shattered around 6:00 yesterday evening when several loud cries for help were heard coming from the residence of 57 year old Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich.

Neighbors, who refused to speak to the media on camera even after being interrogated by police, claim to have heard screams coming from the upper flat of this residence where Nichiporowich, a Canadian National who moved to the area three months ago, resided.

As concern grew, neighbors moved to the area only to find a well secured two storey concrete house with the only access to the building being a stairway secured by a burglar bar door. By that time, the cries for help had ceased and no one was seen in the area. The only evidence that someone, apart from the neighbors, had made it into the yard was one visible footprint found near the stairway.

Fearing the worst, one of the neighbors used a ladder to access the upper flat of the building where Nichiporowich lived. As the individual jumped on the verandah he encountered a horrific scene. Lying face down in a pool of blood in her bedroom with multiple stab wounds to the neck and body was Nichiporowich.

Daniel Arzu – Asst. Officer in Command.

“Just about 7pm or even before we receive information of an incident at Consejo Village here in Corozal District, we responded to information received and there we arrived at a two storey concrete building, we conducted an investigation and we then realized that access was not possible given the fact that the building was secured, it has one stairs which carries a metal door and that was locked, we made entry into the building via a ladder and inside we observe a Caucasian female, a woman, on the floor in the living room face down on what appears to be blood apparently dead, so we conducted inquiries as I mention, nobody was around and the building was secured it appears that person or person may have made entry by climbing to the upper flat of the building and exited by the same means by jumping down and made their escape and that is basically what we did discovered.  We found a knife on the couch inside the living room with smells with what appears to be blood and the injuries observed on the body would seem to be injuries from that of a sharp object.”

While police believe that Nichiporowich’s killer or killers entered and escaped from the building through the rear side, the motive for this atrocious murder is yet to be ascertained.

Daniel Arzu – Asst. Officer in Command.

“I believe that the culprit or the culprits may have made entry into the premises from the back of the building so that is our observation as it is, the motive as it is right now is still undetermined but what my assessment are is that this would seem to be a home invasion and with the quick response of the neighbors I believe that the person who attempted that entry to that building were extremely distracted and they had to quickly flee that scene from information gathered, the neighbors were alerted by screaming, by yelling and they responded because those people within those neighborhood, they much into that neighborhood watch activities so they responded and when they responded the person or persons attacking were distracted and they flee.  That is something that we rely on and we very much as well know that the people residing in Consejo mostly foreigner or people who are naturalize Belizean are very cooperative and we know that they will assist in this investigation an again we rely on the public to give us that assistance to take us somewhere in this investigation.”


“Given the escape route that the attacker or attackers took, is it believe that someone from the area, Consejo, that did this crime, is that what the police is looking at?”

Daniel Arzu – Asst. Officer in Command.

“I will not narrow down to that assessment of your but I would way that we are trying to explore other possibilities and see who can possibly do something like that.”


“We understand that sometime last week that there were some kind of burglaries been reported in Consejo can that be linked to this late murder, can it be the same person who did this?”

Daniel Arzu – Asst. Officer in Command.

“We been responding to various reports of burglaries and otherwise in the village but to answer and say that might be the same person or persons or linkage to it at this point in time I can’t say.”

Reports are that on Monday Nichiporowich took her common-law husband only know as David to the Philip Goldson Airport to fly out to Miami Florida. The couple’s intention was to relocate to San Ignacio upon his return. We understand that rule him out as a suspect, police checked with the representatives of the airport to ensure that he boarded the plane to Miami. And he did, but we have been reliably informed that while David was expected to return to the country on Thursday he bought a one way ticket to Miami. Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich was recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Mold Inspection.

The remains of Nichiporowich rest at the Orange Walk Morgue where it awaits a postmortem examination. Up to News time police have not detain anyone for this latest murder. 

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