micheal_silva_1Micheal Silva, accused of the murder of his girlfriend Maritza Santos handed himself over to San Ignacio Police this morning in the company of his father, former PUP Minister Dan Silva. The now 30 year old was arrested and charged with the Murder of Santos and arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate Court. His case was adjourned until the 23rd January, 2014.


On Friday 23rd September 2011, about 7:10pm, San Ignacio Police visited the residence of Silva where they found the motionless body of Santos lying in a face up position on a bed in one of the bedrooms covered with a sheet and a pillow over her face. At the time police observed that she had a large cut wound to the right side of her head. Inside the said house in the kitchen area police found a quart of paraquat 20SC herbicide along with several cups containing green liquid suspected to be herbicide.


Investigation at the time was that Micheal Silva and Martiza Santos had both consumed the herbicide and by the time police arrived at the residence Santos had died and Silva was rushed to seek medical Treatment at Universal Health Center in Belize City and later transported abroad.


A Police investigation into the matter was carried out and after the file was complied and sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution for advice, it was directed that the charge of murder be laid on Micheal Silva. But by that time Silva was already in Guatemala allegedly seeking treatment and never returned until yesterday even after Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest.

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