Screen_Shot_2013-11-21_at_8.35.09_PMEric Gonzalez will spend 15 years behind bars. He was sentenced this morning by Justice Herbert Lord at the Northern Session of the Supreme Court after a jury of 12 convicted him of a lesser charge of manslaughter after they were unable to unanimously agree on the murder charge despite hours of deliberation.

Viewers might recall that back in 2009 Gonzales was charge for the murder of Daniel Soto. His case began the first week of November but when it was time to deliberate the jury was unable to unanimously find him guilty of murder and as such found him guilty of manslaughter.

During the trial, the Crown was represented by Councils Sabita Maharaj and Linsbert Willis while Gonzalez was represented by Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson.

As previously mentioned, on the 26thof February 2009, Eric Gonzales and Daniel Soto were hanging out on Mangal Street in the Louisiana Area when an argument ensued between them.

After they were separated, Gonzalez left the area only to return minutes after armed with a kitchen knife which he used to inflict a stab wound on Soto’s upper thigh. When police arrived at the scene they saw Soto lying down on his back in a drain bleeding profusely. Soto, who was 16 years old at the time, was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he died while undergoing surgery. Gonzalez’s sentence is to run concurrently.  

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#1 eazyrome 2013-11-22 17:41
for bringing the news for so many years now your pictures are very low in quality and have not improved. It hurts the eyes looking at them eg. look at the photo above, its stretched, blurry and the guys face cant really be recognized.

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