Screen_Shot_2013-11-21_at_8.35.01_PMResidents of San Joaquin Street in Orange Walk Town were enraged this morning. That’s because a developer, who was filling up a lot in the area using heavy machinery caused more damage to the already dilapidated street. Our news team was called to the scene and upon arrival we saw residents up in arms since the road was left completely impassable.

Albert Tillett- Resident San Joaquin Street

“From since the dump truck start running white marl to fill up a land back there then the big hole started, we could have lived with the little small holes that it had before but since the weight of the big truck coming they start from around 5:30 until about 9:00 in the night and trip after trip and that is what you see right there, it was caused by the dump truck that throw the marl there, the street wasn’t that bad we could have lived with it.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“You guy brought the cops this morning, the Town Council is here, now do you feel a little bit relief that they are here and assessing the situation?”

Albert Tillett- Resident San Joaquin Street

“Yes, at least it seems that something will be done because right about now I cannot come out of my yard with my trooper I have to park outside and that is not fair, right in front of my house and this is worst, I am supporting this part of the neighborhood also because we live back here and all the children, this guy not even can part in his yard see, he has to park his truck out here at night because of this and we don’t mind dig the hole but fix it, that all we want fix it.”

Shortly after, Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, stepped in and defused the situation. According to the Mayor Bernard, any expenses incurred by the council for the repairs of the street, will have to be carried to the developer.

Kevin Bernard

“We came and we spoke to the family that is responsible of filling those land and we ask them to at least put a halt on the heavy truck going in because we have families living at the back, the heavy truck have been damaging the road, we know that this area are white marl streets and with the heavy down pour of rain that we have been having the area is still wet and so having heavy equipment coming at the back here continued and further eroded the street now like you have heard and seen from these people around here, this street was never like this it was passable by the residence, they were able to pass in and pass out, now it is impassable and what we are going to do we have our backhoe here and we are trying to dredge out some of the water and we would have to get some material to out down but I believe that the council have to put a decisive action and bill these people that are responsible for it because we cannot allow it to happen and they must remember that the street is responsibility of the town and we must deal with it and whatever cost we will incur we will have to pass that on them.”

Little after midday today, the road was made trafficable for commuters and residents of the area.

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