no-photoAlthough the persistent rains have subsided, some areas prone to flooding are still underwater. This is wreaking havoc for many residents living in low lying areas including the villages of Santa Cruz and San Antonio. CTV3 News spoke with Chairman of Santa Cruz, Thomas Mucul who spoke to us about the situation presently faced by students, workers and even small children who are dealing with the after effects of Mother Nature.


“La situación es que nosotros vivimos en una isla Albion Island, a donde se hace flood y sube el rio y ya no puede pasar ningún vehículo a Santa Cruz ni a San Antonio, tenemos que cruzar en lancha, o en carreta y nosotros vivimos tres millas de la orilla del rio de San Antonio y para que vengan los estudiantes no hay autobús, no hay forma y no pueden llegar hasta San Antonio para agarrar autobús es que los estudiantes llegan tarde al colegio.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter


“Have you dialogue with the authorities, anybody helping you guys?”




“Yes, I have called the minister’s office and they said that they can’t help and I can’t do nothing and that is my job as the chairman but only to ask for help but nobody can help me.”

The Chairman advises commuters with small cars to not venture that area as many vehicles have suffered the wrath from the flooded area.

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