Screen_Shot_2013-11-26_at_8.53.11_PMCorozalenos are also complaining about the deplorable state that 7th Avenue finds itself in. Forming part of the Philip Goldson Highway that runs through Corozal, 7th Avenue has become a menace to drivers and commuters. Residents have requested immediate attention be given to the area and all other streets leading to the Northern Border and the Corozal Community Hospital.

Today when we spoke with Corozal Mayor Hilberto Campos he stated that Corozalenos can expect work to commence in these areas as early as next year.

Hilberto Campos – Mayor Corozal Town.

“I understand and we have been giving it alleviation along with the ministry of works they provide the material we provide the man power but they have in place that they will be paving sections of the streets, they will be taking care of scarifying and processing and paving of some areas however the area rep. has compromised that he will be doing a complete makeover of the entire avenue which is the main highway, the international highway that passes through Corozal Town and through Corozal Bay which is his constituency.”

With streets being such an important part of a town’s infrastructure we will keep monitoring the situation and bring you the commencement of the upgrade as soon as it gets under way. 

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