Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_8.11.27_PMWomen’s Month officially kicked off on Saturday, March 1st and the organization spearheading the month’s slew of activities is the Women’s Department in Belize City. It is set aside as a time for society to celebrate and showcase the achievements of women across the country. 


There is no doubt that in the many years since the first Women’s Week was celebrated, women’s development in Belize has come a long way and progressively women are working their way towards gender equity and equality within society.  As part of the menu of activities set aside for the women in our societies, today women of rural areas of Orange Walk got a much needed self-booster thanks to the uplifting training sessions by Educator and Counselor, Myrna Manzanares. When we caught up with the ladies, training today was based on ‘communication’, Manzanares told us more on the empowerment camps.

Myrna Manzanares – Educator/Counselor

“Girl its phenomenal and you know why because girls come to us and they don’t feel good about themselves sometimes and when we work with them you pull out those things that they have inside that they don’t know how to get out and at the end of the day everybody has fun and they could recall that you know what I am a woman and there is something about me, I do feel good about myself and hey I can say the same thing to the other person I like her and she have this kind of qualification or kinds of abilities or kinds of skills, and it makes you feel good, you leave feeling good you don’t leave feeling down because they sat down in a corner and didn’t say anything so it is excellent that they do this and in terms of communication that we have so much problem you know how we are as women sometimes we don’t really understand what the other person say and we go to mile zero when they are not saying anything out of the way so it is important to communication, the getting along together, the interpersonal skills and understanding that I am a woman, I am independent I can choose.”

Manzanero says that next week, participants will be engaged in another interactive session dealing with ‘Conflict and Anger’.

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