Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_8.11.57_PMMarch 7th will mark two years since the Orange Walk Town Council was elected into office by residents of Orange Walk Town. This means that the council has one year remaining in office before the next Municipal Elections. Of course, the council’s record speaks for itself. Without GOB’s assistance Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team of councilors have been able to carry out their mandate for these last two years including the paving and cementing of streets across town.

But the council has much more work ahead as their vision for Orange Walk surpasses financial constraints. Projects for 2014 include the rehabilitation of Central Park; continue the upgrading of the remaining of Santa Familia Street under the Belize Municipal Development Project.

While the council will have to dig deep into their pockets they are committed to see the upgrading of Mahogany Street, Sapodilla Street, Westby Alley and the remainder of Tangerine Street. The council also plans to see through the double coating of Belize Street, Muffles Street, Staines Alley and portions of San Pedro Street and Barbados Street. The continuous upliftment of low lying areas also forms part of the councils to do list.


And the PUP Town Council plans to be in office for a second term but will they be headed by the Mayor Bernard? With Municipal Elections only one year away rumors are already circulating that Mayor Bernard will not seek re-election. So, will he run again or not? Well, it’s best to hear it from him.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“Let me state clearly that Kevin Bernard will run for Mayor for the next Town Council and I am committed to continue to work for my people and I believe that majority of our members and in fact all will again run for another term because we have been doing what we can do best and we will continue to work for the people of Orange Walk and a such let me lay that to rest. Yes I am going to run again and I am going to offer myself as a candidate for the next municipal elections and I am prepared to continue to serve.”

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