Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_8.12.45_PMThere are several socially conscious business establishments in the Orange Walk District that have made their contributions within the community.


Today one of these business establishments made a significant contribution towards one of the noblest work being done with children at the Saint Peter’s Anglican School. The school is currently running a feeding program that has been benefiting fifty-five children.


Proprietor of Nahil Mayab, Osmany Salas, and his team of employees, joined forces with the school’s administration and held a salpicon sale that was one hundred percent success. Salas says the gesture in helping the community, is something they as an establishment, try to do once a year.


Osmani Salas – Proprietor, Nahil Mayab

“I must say that not only our staff helped to put this together but all of our suppliers, people that we buy from throughout the year, people that we buy poultry from, people that we buy vegetable from, we approach all of them and nobody turn us down. So everything that was put together it was 100% profit and everything went to St. Peter feeding program and our target was to raise $1,000.00 and we actually made $1,105.00.”


School Principal Rosanna Briceno says that they have been struggling to keep the program afloat, which has also been extended to a milk program in the mornings. The assistance therefore is greatly appreciated.


Rosana Briceno

“Well we were very excited about it so we went half, half on the ticket sale and well they did most of the work and they had to do the actual salpicon and all of that but I think we are very blessed that we have people in our community that want to help and they know that it is for a good cause, it is not just any fundraising but it is to feed children and just the thought of having kids going hungry during the day can be really harsh and we do expect them to do well in class but if they are hungry how can they even start to study and start to focus when all their feelings of their bellies stat hurting them.  We have had when children come to us and they want Pepto-Bismol or they want something and if we give them Pepto-Bismol that will still not take away the hunger so we realize that it is because they are hungry, so we have been on this venture I would call it, we have been sending out letters, we have been begging and praying and asking for a lot of support and Mr. Osmani heard our please and thanks to him we will have extra money to feed them for another month, we are grateful and very grateful.”


Rogelio Valdez –employee

“If we can help we are going to help and it is a success and it make you feel good and Nahil Mayab and the guy that made this happen it is really good and I hope we can do it next year and see what next year will bring us so we can do a fundraiser to help society in any way we could.”


The contribution should help the school’s feeding program for one month. Salas encourages other businesses to follow suite.

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