As part of Child Stimulation Month today Rainbow Brite Pre-school, a pre-school that has been in operation for over 23 years, toured Corozal Town it might have been only in town limits but for the pre-schoolers it was very educational as they visited the various public buildings.

Lourdes Marin – Director\Teacher

“The tour started at the Town Hall, then we went to the post office and the police station and we are ending at the fire station and this is to have these children exposed to these community places because we dealt with the topic last month on community helpers and our community and so this is to reinforce what we taught and like how right now we are in stimulation month so we taking advantage of this month and thanks to the support of the parents we are out.”

Under the umbrella of this year’s theme “Early Childhood Education; Where Our Future Begins” teachers decided to take the students to the police station for them to learn more about the laws of Belize and the consequences of breaking those laws. So what did they learn? We asked them that question and here is their response.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What did you learn when you came here at the police station here today?”

Screen_Shot_2014-03-06_at_8.19.34_PMRainbow Brite Pre School Toddlers

“The jail that is for bad people”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Did you like being here are the police station?”

Rainbow Brite Pre School Toddlers


Tomorrow, the pre-schoolers will gather at the Corozal Civic Center where they will witness a display from the Fire Department.

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