Screen_Shot_2014-03-07_at_8.15.32_PMA joint initiative with CEMJC and the Corozal Town Board for the beautification of the Corozal Bay is currently underway in that municipality. It’s a project being undertaken by the students for their sustainable tourism course. Lisbet Cabral – Tourism Lecturer at the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College told us more.

Lisbet Cabral – Tourism Lecturer, CEMJC

“Really what we are aiming for is to really make Corozal more of a tourist destination as well as to give back to our environment and we believe that making that possible we need to attract people and we need to excite them and making them want to come and so what more is better than do to beautify our biggest asset to the sea.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter


“In terms of beautifying, what exactly you do?”

Lisbet Cabral – Tourism Lecturer, CEMJC

“We have painted what is the seawall and all our work today is working on the seawall from Corozal and that is from the entrance all the way to Rainbow Beach we done half of the job today and we are planning to finalize this by the very first week in April because we realize that every year the amount of people that come to visit Corozal for Easter has been increasing so we wanted to make sure we have that ready for them before the Easter Holidays.”

Cabral says the group CEMJC Pioneers work under the theme "Creating educational visions into environmental realities" and plan on undertaking a clean-up campaign of the area as well.

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