EduardoAnd here at home Orange Walk Police are tonight investigating two separate incidents of suicide, both which occurred last night approximately an hour and half from each other. In the first incident authorities were called to the residence of Evelia Pech on Stadium Street around 9:30pm.


There they saw the lifeless body of 36-year-old Edwardo Pech, businessman of the same address. Pech’s body was observed lying face up with no signs of visible injuries. Preliminary investigations revealed that Pech was out socializing with friends and after a while he left and went home.


It was around 9:25p.m when his mother, Evelia Pech, found him hanging from a rope tied to a 2X4 beam at the back of an enclosed shed located adjacent to the family’s house. The authorities do not suspect foul play.

About an hour and a half later, around 10:55pm, authorities were called to the scene of another suicide close to Stadium Street. This time it involved 28 year old Abel Garcia who took his own life while at his residence on Santa Familia Street. Initial Investigations revealed that earlier last night, at around 10:20, the deceased and his wife had a misunderstanding.


It is reported that Garcia walked out of the house. Minutes later, his wife decided to check if he had left. And that is when she discovered her husband’s motionless body hanging from a clothes line underneath the house. He had a cream and black belt tied around his neck.

In separate instances, Pech and Garcia were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead. Our attempts to get comment from the families were unsuccessful. Meanwhile authorities continue investigating the incidents.

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