voterPrime Minister Dean Barrow has said that the only elections bound to happened any time soon is the municipal elections and vehemently added that his administration is in for the long haul. Despite his confidence, the PUP has begun oiling its machinery and over the weekend endorsed three standard bearers in the Orange Walk District. They are Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central John Briceno, Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez and standard bearer for Orange Walk South, Jose Abelardo Mai. Our newsteam was there to catch highlights of the event and bring you the following report.


Carmelita Perez – Reporting


PUP party supporters joined current area representatives for Orange Walk Central John Briceno, Orange Walk East, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez and Orange Walk South, Jose Abelardo Mai in the endorsement ceremony held at the Crystal Palace Auditorium on Saturday March 8th.


The event saw the presence of Party Leader Francis Fonseca and a host of the party’s executive and Area Representatives of other constituencies across the country that joined the trio of elected standard bearers. An enthusiastic crowd cheered on as they delivered their speech draped in confidence as they start on the road to victory.



Abelardo Mai – Standard Bearer OW South

“Tonight begins the march to Belmopan, tonight and tomorrow morning the UDP will be running up and down because they know that the clock is ticking and it is time for them to leave Belmopan. All around us what you can see is poverty, pain suffering, and corruption from the United Democratic Party and the country is suffering daily and daily. This is coming to an end soon because the PUP when elections are called will be victorious, Orange Walk Central will deliver with John Bricno.”


Dr. Marco Mendez who has worked in several areas of Orange Walk East particularly promoting health also took to the podium to express strong confidence in the party and its leadership.


Dr. Marco Mendez – Standard Bearer, OW East

“Juntos venceremos, juntos como hemos hecho, esta fiesta para la gente, juntos venceremos.  Quiero decirles y quiero empezar; un pueblo unido jamás, jamás, jamás será vencido.  Déjeme decirles que El Partido Unido Del Pueblo está unido, está unido a ustedes, está unido a la causa de ustedes, está unido para luchar contra la corrupción, contra la corrupción que han estado escuchando ustedes casi cada semana, casi cada día, han escuchado los escándalos de la corrupción de Penner, del Rose Wood.  El Partido Unido Del Pueblo está unido a la pobreza, el Partido Unido Del Pueblo va a luchar contra la pobreza. El Partido está unido a la lucha contra el alto índice, contra el alto costo de la vida.”

Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central John Briceno also reiterated the Party’s determination to keep working for a better Belize and the betterment of its people.


John Briceno – Standard Bearer, OW Central

“Pero nosotros se lo vamos a quitar, porque vamos a trabajar duro, porque tenemos una visión, una visión de un mejor Belice, un Belice adonde podemos trabajar, un Belice adonde podemos mandar a nuestros hijos a la escuela, un Belice adonde los hospitales quieren medicinas y hay doctores y hay quien para que les pueda atender cuando están enfermos, un Belice sin violencia, un Belice con el Partido Unido Del Pueblo, señoras y señores, así que estamos listos? Estamos listos? Tenemos que trabar duro, vamos a pelear de casa en casa, de calle en calle, de división a división, de pueblo a pueblo, de distrito a distrito, vamos asegurar que tenemos que asegurar que haiga un cambio, tenemos que hacer ese cambio para los niños, tenemos que hacer ese cambio para el pueblo, tenemos que hacer ese cambio para Belice hay esperanza y hay cambio solo con el Partido Unido Del Pueblo, PUP, PUP, PUP que viva Orange Walk.”

Party Leader Francis Fonseca also took to the podium to express his confidence in the three leaders from Orange Walk and in his party that will make up the next government.


Francis Fonseca – Party Leader

“Everywhere you look my friends, everywhere you look there is a crisis in our country, everywhere you look there is corruption eating away at this UDP government.  The United Democratic Party is destroying our country, day by day they are destroying our beautiful country and it is up to these honourable gentlemen, it is up to us in the People’s United Party to put an end to this corruption, to put an end to this destruction taking place under the United Democratic Party my friends. Who deserve land get land there is no plan for this UDP government and that is why our country is in such a crisis.  There is no vision, there is no sense of direction, there is no sense of purpose in this UDP government.”


In his address, Party Leader Fonseca also congratulated the Orange Walk PUP led town council for the work they have done thus far saying they have also made the PUP proud. The endorsements and conventions for the People’s United Party will continue in the months ahead.

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