Laura_Esquivel_FramptonThe Director of the Belize Tourism Board Laura Esquivel Frampton has resigned from her post. That’s the news coming out of the BTB tonight. But was it something Frampton was pushed into doing? Apparently she was. CTV3 News was able to obtain the copy of a letter dated March 5th 2014 directed to the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr., by the members of BTB’s Executive Management team.


In a nut shell, the first paragraph of the letter states that after several meetings held with Minister Heredia, past and present chairmen of the board, board of directors, and the CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the team is making an official grievance their dissatisfaction and to put forward a vote of no confidence against Frampton.

The letter states and we quote, ‘The vote of no confidence is based on the evolving discussions that we, the undersigned, have had over the past year with you (Heredia) and those outlined which have delineated three major concerns. The first major area of concern is leadership.


The team believes that Frampton’s actions have exhibited a secretive, egotistical philosophy of policy implementation that is directly responsible for the current lack of morale through the organization.” The release goes on to state that Esquivel has failed to display requisite leadership, levels of honesty, transparency and integrity in the current budget process, a budget which should have at heart the best interest of the industry.”

The letter is signed by members of the Executive Management team. Our attempts to contact the Minister of Tourism were unsuccessful, but with the help from our colleagues at 7News, we were forwarded a text message which they received from Frampton saying that and we quote, “I can confirm that I have decided to resign and will meet with the staff this afternoon to tell them,” end of quote. Frampton has been the Director for BTB since May of 2012, replacing Seleni Matus who also resigned back in September 2011.

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