police_corozalTonight Corozal Police is looking for one Hector Kelly in relation to a robbery which played out yesterday evening in Corozal.

Around 7:25pm 57 year old Ayonie Briceno, a teacher of Santa Rita Area, Corozal Town, was standing in front of Saint Francis Xavier Church having a conversation with a couple of church sisters, when she was approached by a  male person of Creole decent. According to Briceno, she recognized the individual as Hector Kelly who was holding a knife on the right hand. Threatening his victim with the knife, Kelly managed to take away Briceno’s gold chain with a gold medal valued at $250.00 off her neck. Anyone with information on Kelly’s whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police department.

A man from the Corozal District is tonight out of more than $4,000 worth in goods. Thirty nine year old Harris Patten, Public Health Inspector, presently residing on College Road, in Corozal Town, between 8:00am on Saturday March 8th and 8:00am on March 9th, his house was burglarized. 


Stolen from the premises were: one 32 inch flat screen T.V valued at $1800.00, (1) DVD player valued at $300.00, (1) gold ring valued at $400.00, (1) gold UB graduation ring with a purple stone valued at $450.00, (1) white gold rope design chain valued at $600.00, (1) gold necklace valued at $1800.00 and $200.00 cash in different denominations. The stolen items are valued at a total of $4950.00. Up to news time none of the items has been recovered. Police reminds the general public that purchasing stolen goods is an offence and carries criminal charges. 

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