Honoring, Respecting and Celebrating Women is the theme for this year’s celebration of Women’s Month. In Corozal Town several activities are taking place in commemoration of the month one of them being a free beauty session for all women.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-12_at_8.09.53_PMConsuelo Hernandez -  Women Development Officer

“Today we are having a special day for women as part of the Women’s Month activities during this month of March. I am sure that you know that this is being done throughout the country and they have different activities and today we have this special day for women whereby we are doing manicures, pedicures and other services to beautify women and we are doing it at a price for $5 for the person that is doing it not for our department but them and with $5any women can have this service. The objective is to celebrate women for them to feel good about themselves, for women to be empowered, for women to do things that they have not done for example taking a day for them out of other things that they would like to do and as the theme for this year says; Honouring, Respecting and Celebrating Women and Girls, that is the theme for this year so that is the objective for this whole month of March, you know for women to feel good like I mentioned, to be able for them to do whatever they want and for them to be special and also for them to know that somebody thinks about them and that is why the Women’s Department take this initiative to do activities for women during the whole month of March. We started with a radio program followed by other activities but today is actually one of the focus activities and the annual bike rally is coming this Saturday, so I also take this opportunity to invite all the people of Corozal that want to ride, ride to celebrate women; we invite men, girls, women, children to be part of this big event which is done annually, actually we are leaving central Park at six in the morning and we also have trophies for the largest female group, we have a trophy for the largest mixed group because we are inviting men also to be part of this activity, we also have trophy for the oldest female rider and for the youngest female rider so everybody is invited to ride this Saturday morning.”


Every year the National Women’s Department honors women from across the country who has given selflessly to their community. This year, Mrs. Elda Sutherland, a 66 year old retired Community Development Officer in the Ministry of Human Development and 23 year old Niedi Leticia Rosado who formed part of the steering Committee for the National Youth Council of Belize were named were named the most Outstanding Women for the Corozal District.

Both women along with eighteen others will be honored on March 27th at the 9th Annual Outstanding Women’s Award Ceremony to be held at the Belize Biltmore Plaza commencing at 7:00pm.

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