Tradegy struck a family from the Corozal District early this morning when their loved one drowned in the New River. Fifty one year old Artemio Vivas became the districts first drowning victim when he slipped off the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry in the wee hours of Thursday morning, apparently during the torrential rain. Vivas met his death while working his shift at the ferry. He and his coworker were ferrying a truck across the river to the road leading into Progresso Village when death came calling. Our news team followed the lead and filed this report.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-13_at_8.12.17_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting

For years this operational, manual transit known as the ‘Pueblo Viejo ferry’ has been the point of access for many commuters who travel to and from Corozal to Progresso, Sarteneja and other surrounding villages. And while this ferry has gone without any mishaps during its operations, it took its first casualty early this morning.Fifty one year old Artemio Vivas, a Corozal resident and worker at the ferry, met his untimely demise shortly after 2:00am. According to police, Vivas, who was accompanied by his assistant Rolando Alcoser, were ferrying a BEL utility vehicle that was enroute to Progresso from Corozal when tragedy struck.

Andrew Ramirez– Officer Commanding Corozal Police

“He decided to urinate beside the river and then he dropped in the river apparently he can’t swim efforts were made by his ex-co-worker and the guys there that was being ferried across the river but unsuccessful.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

"“Does it make sense, is it adding up in terms of he slip and fell is that the conclusion?"

Andrew Ramirez– Officer Commanding Corozal Police

“We had a rain that just pass through and if you know that ferry it has some parts that it get slippery and it is not like some other people that just stand up and urine an even want to hide all over the place, he never know how to swim that is confirm by his family member that he doesn’t know how to swim.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“So you guys are treating it as a drowning and not suspecting any foul play?”

Andrew Ramirez– Officer Commanding Corozal Police

“No, no, no, no, then if you know the ferry also the ferry when in motion it travels with a current beside it but more than likely once he drop that current must took him down.”

Vivas’ body was located sometime after 7:00 this morning, some five hours after he fell in the river. Vivas has been manning the ferry for over 6 years, a job he enjoyed doing we were told.

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#1 John 2014-03-16 20:36
Yes, I will definitely miss Artemio, I always looked for him when I was making the trip to or from Copper Bank Village. He was one to the best, May you rest in Peace Artemio and God be with you and your family.

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