Screen_Shot_2014-04-22_at_7.56.31_PMCorozal Police pledged to increase its patrols during the Easter Holidays in order to reduce the crime rate in that municipality and that’s exactly what they did.


In the case of drug activity the hike in security proved fruitful. On Holy Thursday, at about 7:10 in the morning, officers conducted a search at the residence of Earl Rancharan located in the Village of Calcutta, Corozal which led them to one small plastic bag containing suspected cannabis along with forty two small foil papers containing suspected cannabis and a small bunch of suspected cannabis found on top of a wooden table.


The suspected drugs were shown to Rancharan who was informed of the offence committed and placed under arrest. The suspected cannabis weighed 62.5 grams. Rancharan was arrested and charged for the offence of drug trafficking.

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