womanIt has been confirmed, Corozal has recorded its third murder and the female victim remains unidentified tonight. What Corozal Police does know is that she suffered a heinous death but as far as her identity and the reason behind her cruel death, police are nowhere close to answering those questions.

The nude body of the victim was discovered after one yesterday afternoon by a villager of Patchakan who was travelling on the Chan Chen Road heading home. The badly decomposed body of the victim was seen floating in an area known as the Quintal Lagoon located in the outskirts of Chan Chen. When we left you last night we told you that an onsite post mortem was scheduled for this morning. Reporter Victor Castillo continued following the story today and filed the following report.

Victor Castillo- Reporting

The mystery surrounding the death of a female whose identity remains unknown and who’s badly decomposed nude body was found yesterday floating in an area known as the Quintal Lagoon, located one mile off the village of Chan Chen in the Corozal District, remains unsolved tonight.

The situation has police perplexed and scampering for answers yet there is not enough evidence to solve Corozal’s third homicide. The body of the woman was found yesterday by Shamir Rancheran, a resident of Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. Rancheran was traveling on the Chan Chen Road which leads to his village when the strong stench of petrification caught his attention.  As Rancheran looked out his vehicle’s window, he made the gruesome discovery.

After 8:00 this morning, the Forensics Team, headed by Doctor Mario Estradaban, was seen in the area carrying out an onsite autopsy on the body of the female believed to be in her early 20’s. But instead of shedding some light on the case, the autopsy only proved that the victim was viciously murdered.

Andrew Ramirez – OC. Corozal Dept

“This morning, the Forensic Team visited the area where an onsite autopsy was conducted and where on his expertise the doctor is basically saying it is of a young person, a female on her twenties about five feet five inches in height, dark complexion the body shows signs of clearness but because of the sun but the doctor has confirmed that it is of that of a dark individual.  What I can say in relation of having visited the autopsy myself at the scene is that the person has sever chop wounds to the head area but to the body but to be more precise most of the injuries were sustained in the head which more than likely would have been one of the causes of her death and the doctor also indicated that the severing of the right body because there were also sever marks on the right leg indicating of animal prone, being a savannah I can assume it is alligator.”

So far there are no indications that the victim was assassinated in the area.

Andrew Ramirez – OC. Corozal Dept.

I will not speculate because as to how why the person body was nude is for the killer and obviously the victim who cannot speak anything. The doctor has indicated to the investigation is that due to the decomposition with time basically the hair came off the body because remember it was already decomposing.”

Police suspect that the victim’s killer or killers dumped her body in the savannah sometime between Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Tonight, the leads police have that could reveal the victim’s identity, are few.

Andrew Ramirez – OC. Corozal Dept

“What I can say in relation of having visited the scene myself is that the person has two upper silver teeth and the person had her toenail painted orange so we ask any person who has any family members with that description who can assist us in the identification of that individual to please come forward but so far after the autopsy we have no other information but what we suspect again is that the body was dump there because the investigators on initial response they had done thorough searches in the area and we must be mindful that the body was about thirty feet inside the savannah and to access the savannah there is not much land that you can access the savannah so there is not much that the police could have done in relation to canvas so the place was limited and there was no sign of blood in the area which one can always conclude that the person was not killed at that specific area.” 


Anyone with information that could assist police in solving this latest crime is asked to contact the nearest police station or call 911. The victim’s body was buried at the cemetery in the village of Chan Chen this morning.


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