Screen_Shot_2014-05-14_at_8.42.10_PMAfter deliberating for 6 hours yesterday, brothers Emory and Maurice Felix were acquitted of the 2006 murder of 29 year old Mitchum Heredia. As we’ve reported, Heredia was gunned down just before 6:30 p.m. on April 10th 2006, as he arrived at his house on T Street. He was entering his yard in a Nissan Maxima car, when 2 armed men, ambushed and shot him 6 times at close range. The 12 member jury was listening to evidence and testimonies for nine weeks and the hearing ended in a hung jury. CTV3 News spoke with Attorney Arthur Saldivar via telephone who says this was the third trial in court.

Arthur Saldivar– Attorney at Law

“We have a situation here where the evidence that was presented by the prosecution side as in all cases like this comes from the police department and many times there are gaps in the evidence and I think that some of those gaps in those evidence was what lead to the strong feeling for and against the acquittal and what it resulted in people not giving ground because they didn’t sound trusted and some didn’t trust the account for police witnesses and the investigation itself which basically appears to be incomplete, the jury deliberated today the issue for six hours and there were those for the acquittal and those for the conviction and none of the groups gave ground because they had strong feelings either way.”

According to Saldivar the DPP has given him assurance that Emory and Maurice Felix will be released, up to news time they were reportedly still in custody.

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