teacherTeachers’ day will be observed and celebrated this Friday May 16th. Traditionally, teachers are given a day off from work to celebrate together. That celebration is held in three ways and these include at a school, branch and national levels which are rotated every year. This year the national celebration was scheduled to take place in Benque Viejo del Carmen. However, given some unfortunate circumstances, the Ministry has ordered each district center to organize their own activities. Education Center Manager at the Corozal District Center Jahmore Lopez says they have been busy in that district and their celebration is looking to be a good one.

Jahmore Lopez- District Manager 

“It would be in Benque but unfortunately due to budgetary constraints it is not going to work out and so the respective DEC’S country wide are tasked with planning a teachers day activity and we will be doing that here in Corozal, I believe we gotten overwhelming response from our school, our principals, our teachers, we have already confirmed over 450 plus teachers who will be joining us at Blue Iguana that is located somewhere in the Finca Solana Area and so we have a program planned where we will be an opening ceremony, short speeches and then we get on with the rest of the day where we will have a number of teachers engage in a number of fun filled activities.”


Lopez says there are about six hundred teachers in the Corozal District alone and so far it seems that the majority of them will be taking part in the activity. Some schools though, have made their own plans. But teachers are being cooperative despite the last minute changes.

Jahmore Lopez- District Manager 

“We have been getting positive feedback, we want for this to go without a hitch as the new Centre manage what it is that I have planned for this district is for us as teachers within the district to collaborate more, to meet more whether it might be to have sporting activities etc. and so this will be start so I believe that one we could pull this off it is going to set the stage then for us to have other such activities because I continue to maintain that teachers do work hard and they do need time to recreate and to have fun with each other.”

Teachers will be out of class on Friday which means that students will also be having the day off.

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