Map_Maya_CityReports coming of the Mexican newspapers indicate that an Ancient Mayan City approximated to be about 85 acres with at least six architectural groups was found hidden deep in the jungle about 7 miles from the Belize / Mexican Border line and about 37 miles away from the city of Chetumal.

The Ancient Mayan City, believed to be more than one thousand five hundred years old, was named Noh Kah, meaning Large City while the six smaller cities within Noh Kah, have been named El Corozal El Pich, El Paredon,El Pocito, El Viente and Hop Na. All six cities are separated by a distance ranging between 0.5 and 3 miles and are made up of different groups which assisted in the survival of the entire city.

With the assistance of members of the communities of San Francisco Botes and Rovirosa, specialists were able to perform a topographic survey of the Ancient Mayan City.

Members of the communities of San Francisco Botes and Rovirosa new that they had made a huge discovery when they came face to face with a huge wall made of stone covered in vines hanging over the side. For the explorers this was clear indication that an Ancient City was blanketed by the jungle.

Data shows that Noh Kan existed since the Early Period (250 – 600 AD). The institute also reported that for the past two years, specialists from the National School of Anthropology and History, in coordination with NIAH managed to collect various ceramic materials from the site.

According to archaeologist Javier Lopez Camacho from the National Institute of Anthropology and History who is in charge of the survey, Noh Kah belongs to a very important area of Quintana Roo, which is the bank of the Rio Hondo River located adjacent to the country of Belize where monumental sites are extended with data relevant the historical reconstruction of what is now known as Dzibanche and Kohunlich as well as others. Noh Kah may even provide knowledge about the influence of the Kaan Dynasty in Southern Quintana Roo as they have found glyphs of a serpents head similar to ones found at Mayan Sites such as El Resbalon, Dzibanche, Pol Box and even at Los Alacranes in Campeche.

It was proven very difficult for the Ancient Maya City to be found in the past due to the way it was built so much so that it could not even be found by air.

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