Screen_Shot_2014-06-09_at_8.19.40_PMLast Friday three young entrepreneurs returned from a trip to Jamaica where they were awarded for their outstanding work as young entrepreneurs. They were nominated by the La Inmaculada Credit Union for the third Annual Citi-CMFA Caribbean Microfinance Awards since they have for some time now been part of the programs implemented by the institution.


The Citi-CMFA Microfinance Caribbean Awards recognizes the work of institutions like the LICU and of individuals who ensure maximum financial and social returns within the microfinance sector in the Caribbean.  The awards are held to recognize such efforts and to highlight the outstanding achievements of these institutions and individuals who succeed under these institutions. We presented the three winners last Friday and today we take a closer look at their success and how they came about to be young entrepreneurs. Tonight we highlight Eider Romero founder of ER’s Icy Treats who won Best young entrepreneur in the Caribbean.


Dalila Ical - Reporter


Today, at just seventeen years old, this young entrepreneur is running his own small business. Eider Romero is the founder of ER’s Icy Treats; a hit amongst his clientele.


Eider Romero – Founder, ER’s Icy Treats

“I am the founder and I started business back in 2012, we had a class project,  and from thereon I continued the business from school and I came into the house and continues the business expanding and expanding and improving until what we have now today.”

And business today is blooming. The family-run business is expanding as the family has sought financial assistance from the La Inmaculada Credit Union under one of its many social entrepreneurship programs.

Eider Romero – Founder, ER’s Icy Treats

“Well, we have made good improvement and we are still expanding now because as a business you never settle down you have to always keep improving your product and your work to please your customers and so we have done a good job from expanding and going on.”

Dalila ical – Reporter

“How many people are employed by ER’s?”

Eider Romero – Founder, ER’s Icy Treats

“We have six workers right now and two full time workers which is my father and another worker inside they always stay here.”


Production is done on Mondays. The process is relatively simple. A special homemade cream is added to water, flavoring and sugar. Molds are filled and placed in a chilling tank that can hold up to three hundred icicles at a time. Here it takes about thirty minutes to become firm and each is then packaged and set in a freezer. Up to two thousand paletas are produced on Mondays.

It’s a success story worth sharing, and Romero’s award only proves that anything is possible once there’s a will.


Eider Romero – Founder, ER’s Icy Treats

“Well, I say everything is possible and for everyone out there trying to start a new business they should really do it because that is the only thing in Belize that would help our economy to rise; small business because eventually we will grow our business as time goes by and so it has been great for me to start this business at a really young age so I see different things in different perspectives and my mind is more open to the world.”

Five scooters sell in villages and at least five stores buy Romero’s product.

Eider Romero – Founder, ER’s Icy Treats

“Anyone out there with small business you should continue going on no matter what obstacles come your way continue going on.”

Since the business was opened by the Romero family, production has been ongoing. Eiden Romero says they enjoy full support from their costumers and business establishments.


Romero is still studying and plans to expand the business further after he completes his tertiary level education. The La Inmaculada Credit Union works in collaboration with the government of Belize and other international funding agencies.

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