No_Image_AvailableWhat could possibly lead a 14 year old to take her life away and putting their family members through an immense grief? That is the question being asked by residents of Ranchito in the Corozal District.

Over the weekend 14 year old Vianney Vasquez and her younger brother were left home alone while their father, 47 year old Donaldo Vasquez, went to work in Corozal Town. Vasquez told police that when he arrived home around 3:45pm, he asked his son where Vianney was. The response he received was not good as he was told that Vianney had not been seen since 1:00pm and was nowhere to be found.

Vasquez desperately searched for his daughter but he did not find her with life. Upon searching an abandoned house adjacent to the family’s residence, Vasquez found his daughter hanging from an orange rope which was tied to a beam. A stool was found beside Vianney’s dead body.


Vasquez immediately called the police who removed the child’s body from the beam and transported it to the Corozal Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Vasquez he has no idea as to what pushed his daughter to take away her life. Police are currently investigating.

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