The Ministry of Health in collaboration with Mental Health Associations across the country, hosted a workshop at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino conference room over the weekend for countrywide stakeholders in the quality and care for patients program. In attendance were 18 nurses from across the country including a social worker. Corozal Psychiatric Nurse Rosalia Juchim told us more.


Rosalia Juchim - Psychiatric Nurse

“It’s main focus is management on drug and alcohol, addiction disorder and participants including mental health personnel, the psychiatrist nurse practitioners from across the country and the only social worker in Belize.  Our objective is combating and preventing drug substance abuse in the country and some of our topics include introduction to substance use disorder, screening with use of screening tools, evaluation and treatment so we had different groups where we did the interviewing and the role play of the sessions so we had data gathering with the use of screening tools, treatment planning and some brief interventions also.”

This year’s theme focused on the abuse of illegal substances and alcohol.


Rosalia Juchim - Psychiatric Nurse

“As we know in the country we have a lot of alcohol and drug use on the streets , you have legal and illegal as you mentioned but all these substances have an effect on the body and especially the use of alcohol that is most common and sometimes people drink and they have an over dose or intoxication or they have withdrawal symptoms and some people under the influence of alcohol commits suicide or attempts suicide and this is only alcohol, talking about crack cocaine and other drugs they also have some serious effects in the body and we are not really prepared or the service available for this clients when they need  so I believe that the training will help us and assist us in preparing us using the screening tool so we will be more focused on different disorders more than before.”


Presently in Corozal, there are two active psychiatrists. During the workshop, they received much deserved recognition and awards in categories including: service, coordination and excellence in performance.

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