Screen_Shot_2014-06-10_at_8.26.26_PMAnd while the Louisiana Primary school boasted the second best speller, history shows that the schools performance in competitions of art and sports is another strong hold. This weekend, they snagged first place in the Coca Cola Banner competition which is held simultaneously with the Spelling Bee competition. Teacher Alginold Bennett says it was a collective effort between teacher and students.


Alginold  Benett

“Two years we won it with a banner that it was the first time not a rectangular shape and this year we were actually competing not against the other districts but we were competing against ourselves basically. Next year we have some talented speller inline to take over from Isabelle and we will be there again at Spanish Lookout getting that first price again in the banner competition and this time also in the Spelling Bee, I would like to mention the name of the teachers who worked hard on that banner because without their hard work we wouldn’t get that first place every year; we have of course Miss Rosy who you have spoken to already, we have Miss Cruz, Miss Sharon, we had Miss Lily who had that wonderful idea of using an umbrella to create that bag, we had that strong support of the administration, Miss Debbie and Miss Perla and Mr. Rick and we had other teachers like Miss Zenaida and Mr. Jose and some students, Noel and Naizer, and Loaney whose input was instrumental in getting that banner the way it was and we even had my art students , it is a really nice idea that when put together created a beautiful blend when all the banners were up there on display the judges had no option except to award Louisiana once more the first place.”


The theme for this year’s 2014 Coca-Cola National Spelling Bee was “Go for the Goal!” It is of note that the schools volleyball team placed third in the national volleyball championship held over the weekend in Belize City.

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