logoTwo brothers from the Village of August Pine Ridge in the District of Orange Walk are tonight without a homeless after their dwelling was purposely set on fire.


Elder Oliva and Jairo Chi left their home on Friday around 7:00pm. At around 10:30pm they were returning home when they saw a man whom they recognized, riding his bicycle. The individual was coming from the direction of Oliva and Chi’s residence.

Both brothers continued on their path and when they arrived home they saw their house roof engulfed in flames and the structure quickly being consumed by the fire. With the assistance from a few villagers, Oliva and Chi managed to extinguish the fire but by that time it dozed off, they had lost everything inside and the structure weakened.

This morning when we visited the scene, charred remains occupied the house where Porfirio Vasquez Cruz was sleeping when it was lit on fire. Today he told us he was awoken from his slumber by the heat of the blaze.

Porfirio Vasquez Cruz– Caretaker

“Bidé el foco que me estaba enfocando en la cara y jale la sabana y me quede mirando diciendo Dios mío y viendo que se quemaba la casa jale la sabana y lo tire a fuera y luego salí para sacar la cama  pero en la puerta se atoro y el fuego encima del caballete y agarro de ese lado y todo y pues no modos lo botamos afuera.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Cuantos estaban a fuera?”

Porfirio Vasquez Cruz– Caretaker

“Yo y el papa del muchacho y el fuego comenzó en la entrada de la puerta y se queme todo nada pudimos sacar solo un colchón la sabana eso fue todo mi ropa se quemaran también.”


The value of the house is $ 7,000.00Bcy. All items inside the house were completely destroyed by the fire. Police are looking for one person in connection to this incident.

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