Screen_Shot_2014-06-27_at_6.29.33_PMYou can never be too careful, especially when it comes to your own health and today many community members took advantage of free services being offered at the Central Park in Orange Walk Town. There was ample health information available as well. Dalila Ical reports.


Dalila Ical – Reporting

The satellite tables set up today and the free medical services were held in commemoration of the Regional Testing Day held throughout the Caribbean annually on June 27th.  CNET and HIV Orange Walk Committee member Adi Mai told us more about the event


Adi Mai – CNET/HIV O/W Committee Member

“Here we have different NGO’s for example HECOPAB, BFLA, PASMO and along with the HIV committee.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“I see they have free testing as well?”

Adi Mai – CNET/HIV O/W Committee Member

“Yes, we are offering services like blood pressure, glucose testing and rapid test, HIV test, in just like 15 minutes and it is 99% sure.”

And the public took advantage of the free services and information. Men and women of all ages stopped by to get their glucose and pressure levels checked and many got tested for HIV. It is a favorable response especially since new statistics show that compared to women, more men are testing positive for the virus.

Adi Mai – CNET/HIV O/W Committee Member

“Yes, they are coming out, whenever we do this project we also get like a hundred people, hundred tests are always done so I think they are responding.”

The event was held until four in the afternoon. It is organized by the Orange Walk HIV Committee and the Ministry of Health.

In related news, the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau, HECOPAB, will be offering a program for females between the ages of ten to nineteen years to sensitize them on poverty, Sexually Transmitted Infections and contraceptives.


HECOPAB is the health promotion arm of the Ministry of Health with responsibility to plan, coordinate and implement health promotion programs, projects, interventions and activities throughout Belize.

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