Screen_Shot_2014-06-27_at_6.29.26_PMAt the end of every month Police Officers in the Corozal District line up for inspection which is conducted by Regional Commander Joseph Myvett and Officer in Command of the Corozal Department,  Andrew Ramirez. The inspection is conducted in order to ensure that officers are complying with the standards of the department.

But today there was a twist to the routine check as awards were provided for officers who passed the inspection with high marks.

Joseph Myvett - Regional Commander

“Since this inspection have started a few month back there has been some mark improvement but there is still room for improvement with some officers, the main focus is to proof the appearance of the police and thereby allowing us to better react with the community because it is the confidence of the community that we are trying to retain as we know that in some quarters the department is somewhat trying to regain the confidence of the community.”

The aim of this new initiative is to enhance the appearance of officers and the department.

Joseph Myvett - Regional Commander

“It had to do with their appearance; the uniform and the shoes proper shine and officer cleanly shaven, in respect to the woman officer she was also looked at her dress and the manner in which these officer carry themselves, this is what we were looking for in our inspections.”

Of course the winning officers were overwhelmed with their accomplishments and were more than happy to have the day off.


Samir Noh - Police Officer

“It is a real privilege to be outstanding out of a lot of us police officer in especially in number one uniform which is the kaki shirt and the blue pants, to wear the uniform is a real privilege, you have to show that you are proud to be in that uniform and this is the way you supposed to look in front of people of Corozal and to the public in general.”


Abner Marroquin -Police Officer

“I feel proud of myself and I feel encourage too as well to know that my dedication of the job is recognized and it also encourages other police officers to do their best.”

WPC Becky Gillharry – WPC Officer

“I feel proud and it is a privilege to be selected amongst us and it is always good as to how you look in front of the public and we are here to serve the public.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What would you do on your day off now?”

WPC Becky Gillharry – WPC Officer

“Well, to stay home.”


As mentioned the inspection takes place on monthly basis.

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