Screen_Shot_2014-08-19_at_8.01.07_PMA group of about 30 students from the Orange Walk Technical High School are wrapping up a follow up training on peer facilitation skills thanks to the continued support from the Belize Family Life Association (BFLA). It is a known fact, when adolescents seek support for many of the life situations they face; they typically approach their peers rather than seeking adult support systems which may already be in place. Youth of today tend to be energetic, positive and are extremely well positioned to support others in their peer groups. And so today we found out from the schools counsellor, Lisia Castillo that Peer helping or peer counselling programs can serve as an extremely effective support system in their school and community.

Lisia Castillo – Counsellor

“These are kids that are ready to have that desire to want to be there for other and service to others so we took students like that and we Crip them with skills that they can help their peers.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“In your line of work what is the biggest challenges they face coming the new school year or during the school year?”


Lisia Castillo – Counsellor

“They are going to be so many challenges and one of the biggest challenges for our first former is the transition from primary school into high school and so they are going to play a big role in trying to help these students the transition, being able to adopt to highs school live, the study skills, actually trying to organize themselves but there is lots of issues that are plagues our kids lots of peer pressure and so they also themselves stand as a role model for their peers because these are students that really have to have their act together and make good decision and are good examples to their peers, academically and things like that so they not only will assist their peers that are having poorly decision making skills or poor conflict resolution skills but also stand as role models for them that you can do the right thing and still be okay.”

While there are many troubling aspects in a student’s life including bullying and peer pressure, Maritza Mejia who is fine tuning her peer helping skills says her goal is to make a change on and off campus.

Lisia Castillo – Counsellor

“We want to get then trained in peer mediation and conflict resolution skill because that is one of the major skills and especially in first form there is a lot of conflicts going on between girls and between boys at the different levels and so they will play that kind of role that you could diffused different little conflicts before it becomes a big problem or a big fight and in the past few year we haven’t had a lot of fights in our campus at all, so I am hoping it is because our kids learning the to talk thing out and to deal with things in a more rational way and they play a key role in getting that message across.”

BFLA has been facilitating sessions in peer mediation and conflict resolution in schools across the country.

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