Preparations are underway in both political parties in Belize as the next municipal elections draw nearer. October fifth is slated for the convention of the People’s United Party to elect a slate to represent the party in Corozal Town. Two slates are hoping to gain the most popular vote within the party supporters. One slate is being led by David “Dido” Vega who is running for Mayor. He spoke with us today about their plans.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-01_at_7.58.39_PMDavid “Dido” Vega

“I have with myself all my fellow councilors and we decided to get into the political arena because we believe that Corozal Town instead of moving forward has been moving backwards and currently you know that Corozal Distirct is the second poorest district in our nation and I believe we need to get into politics so we can serve. There are many responsibilities of the Town Council, we have the streets, we have the cemeteries, we have the parks, we have the slaughter house and we have the market and other things, we are cognizant of the fact that sometimes the Town Council does not have enough revenues to cover all of the responsibilities so what we are doing is to put priorities I certain things and in certain areas of Corozal Town but the main, main concern right now is the conditions of the streets. I want to bring the quality as best as possible to the people of Corozal Town and I believe that if ther is a good Park in one area then another area deserves a Park as well so we are going to put priorities in certain areas of Corozal Town.

The atmosphere between the two teams has been amicable says Vega. We asked him why his team is the better choice and here is what he answered.

David “Dido” Vega

“Politics is very democratic and I want to congratulate the other team for taking the challenge in serving it is not easy to make a decision to get into politics especially in Belizean politics and I have hope that our young people will move this country forward and it will be a new level of politics, I had the opportunity to serve the University of North Florida and in my University they had Republican Clubs, they had Democrats Clubs and Independent Clubs and we would have good discussion and good debates on how we can move this country forward and but first of all I want to thank the other slate for taking the challenge under the same banner and I think I am inspired by the Rt. Honorable George Price and I am inspired by our Leader the Honorable Francis Fonseca which sincerely believe that will be the next Prime Minister of Belize and I believe in the reforms that he brings about governance, economic and education reform, what differentiate us is that one we have common denominators, we are young, we are God loving people and we have young families. We understand the needs of the people, we are humble and we are hungry to serve the people so I think that is what separates me from the other slate and at the end of the day I am not investing a lot of finance for this campaign but what I am investing is time and sweat and I hear the concerns of the people when I reach to their homes. We should have a quality of live that is good for all Belizeans so this is the first step of getting into the town council to achieve some of these things, it will not be an easy task it is a difficult task but we are determined and we will dialogue with our people, we will dialogue with the technical people and we will work hard to make Corozal a better place."

The convention is to be held on Sunday October 5th in Corozal Town.

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