Yesterday after the House of Representative meeting was adjourned and as is customary, the media asked the Prime Minister a flurry of questions from national security issues, police brutality, to a domestic dispute allegation against his fellow Minister, Patrick Faber. One individual that stood out most is the contentious household name of Mark Flowers, who is the Commander of the much feared Gang Supression Unit who has been criticized by many Belize City residents for using excessive force and the complaints against him have been mounting. The PM assured the populace that if any wrong doing is validated, anyone found guilty will be dealt with.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-03_at_6.52.58_PMHonourable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

"But Mark Flowers isn't the GSU man and while I've said and will continue to say that I think him to be an outstanding police officer; outstanding people do wrong things and if, I don't care who it is, if it turns out that there is merit to the complaints, then the inevitable consequence will have to follow."

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