didoThe People’s United Party held a massive convention in Corozal Town yesterday to elect their Mayoral Candidate and councilor candidates that will contest the upcoming Municipal Elections in March of 2015. Two teams met in the political ring, one led by Ruben Cruz and the second headed by David Dido Vega. While the both teams went head to head and foight a good fight at the end there could only be one mayoral candidate and six councilor candidates. Our news team was in Corozal yesterday and covered the convention from beginning to end. Here is that story.

The peace and quiet that distinguishes Corozal Town on a Sunday morning was interrupted this weekend as it was convention day for the People’s United Party.

With two slates in the political ring yesterday’s convention was much anticipated. On one side there was team Cruz led by Mayoral Candidate Ruben Cruz and councilor candidates Canaima Dominguez, Shannon Duncan, Edwardo Palma, Josue Perez, Elizardo Vasquez and Rigo Vellos. On the other side of the ring there was team Vega led by Mayoral Candidate David Dido Vega and councilor candidates Orlando Iglesias, Esteban Pasos, Zeni Perdomo, Mia Rancharan, Yvette Riveroll and Enrique Iglesias.

Despite the blazing sun P.U.P. supporters came out en masse to support their candidates. The blue machinery was in full swing by the time voting was declared open. The aim for candidates and campaigners of both teams was to take out the majority of the 6,891 voters on the voting list.

Ruben Cruz- Mayoral Candidate

“It’s been and first tie I am going up for Mayoral candidate and we are doing well.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“Strategy that your team is using in order to ensure that voters come out and take part in the convention”

Ruben Cruz- Mayoral Candidate

“Is the usual and we have cars going and taking out our people from all areas in Corozal , the whole machinery was set and was well planned so I expect more during this afternoon to come out.”

David Dido Vega- Mayoral Candidate

“The campaign has been good and I will tell you the best thing about the campaign is going and meeting the people, you hear their concerns, I will tell you that this UDP government both in the municipal and the national government has done a poor job in taking care of our people.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“The strategy that you have been using to ensure that your supporters come out today”

David Dido Vega- Mayoral Candidate

“Well, I will tell you that my six people that have join in are very dynamic people, my friends and family have joined in but the strategy is to meet the people and tell them that you comprehend their needs, you comprehend what they have been going through, it is not easy for families to go and sleep at night knowing that they don’t know how they will cover medical, light and education the next day and that is the kind of government we want a government that will empower the people.”

There is no doubt that both camps were well organized. The entire ground of the Andres Campos Civic Center was decorated with billboards, flags, banners and of course the t-shirts cannot go unmentioned.

As voters continued to arrive, the queue became longer and excitement increased as candidates petitioned for last minute votes and spoke to the electorates about their plans for Corozal Town.

David Dido Vega- Mayoral Candidate

“We must bring in a lot of quality people and I think we need to bring the people that are technical and qualified in terms of handling our finance, in terms of handing our development in our town in terms of streets and drainage, I think that people with civil engineer degrees, people with finance degree supposed to come in a best help us and yes if you look a the Town Council Act we are there to make decisions but we need to bring the right people that will guide us and that is what I want to bring I want to improve.”

Ruben Cruz- Mayoral Candidate

“The priorities are definitely the streets, Traffic and the bay.”

At 5:00pm polls were closed and only those already standing in line would be allowed to cast their vote. Counting began after 6:00pm and two hours after supporters were still waiting for the results to be revealed.

And the waiting continued until after nine when Chairman of the People’s United Party, Henry Charles Usher walked out of the counting room with results in hand and officially announced the name of the Mayoral candidate and Councilor candidates that will face Mayor Hilberto Campos and his team in the upcoming Municipal Elections.

Henry Usher- Chairman P.U.P

This victory today is a victory for the People’s United Party; there is no doubt in my mind and no doubt in the mind of everybody in Corozal Town that the PUP will win the March Municipal elections. For Mayoral candidate Mr. Ruben Cruz received 662 votes and Mr. David Dido Vega received 1100 casted votes. On the Vega slate Orlando Iglesias 1164 votes, Esteban Pasos 1140 votes, Perdomo 1190, Rancharan 1126 votes, Ivette Sanker Riverol 1188, and Enrique Vargas 1154, it is a decisive for David Vega and team Vega in today’s convention Dido, Dido, Dido.”

Rigo Vellos

“I just would like sincerely thank everybody for coming out tonight and today supporting the People’s United Party it shows that we are ready to move on forward and to the throne the guys that are making us suffer every single day.  On behalf of my whole slate I want to thank you all for coming out and we will move forward and support Team Vega.”


Gregorio Papas Garcia- PUP Standard Bearer, Corozal Bay

“We are willing to work fully with this slate and we are committed with this slate, we are committed to the party and to the area representative, Mr. Ramiro Ramirez, Honorable Florencio Marin of course I and David Castillo, so with this is a great victory for the People United Party.”

And as the new PUP seven team was officially sworn in and Vega continued to savor the sweetness of victory he sent a strong message to his opponent, Hilberto Campos.

David Dido Vega- PUP Mayoral Candidate

“The message is clear in both of our conventions over two thousand people came out and this is saying a strong message to Mayor Campos and the United Democratic Party that we are not happy with the policies and decisions that they are making, we need to bring policies and changes that will benefit all, I told you that when I win the people of Corozal town wins and that is what makes me happy and I want to thank God for giving me health.  Mayor Campos is supposed to be afraid of the will of the people, is the people that put you in and the people can take you out and I am confident that next year March the people will give me an opportunity to serve them.”

A total of 1,946 out of the 6,891 voters on the list came out to cast their vote.

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