dennis24.10.14aYesterday we told you about slow moving Tropical Depression #9 that crossed over Belize from the Yucatan Peninsula. While the satellite images now show a disorganized depression, Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez, says Belize can expect cooler weather since a cold front is surfacing in our horizon.

Dennis Gonguez - Chief Meteorologist

The remains of tropical depression #9 continue moving eastwards, however, there is a cold front that's entering the Yucatan Peninsula tonight and eventually crossing Belize before dawn tomorrow. Cold air from this cold front will wrap around into the remnants of tropical depression #9 and that will impede its redevelopment for a couple of days and subsequent to that the cold front will lie on Sunday evening near to the northeastern Honduras and the remnants of tropical depression #9 will also be at the tail end of the cold front at near northeastern Honduras. The more tricky part comes on Monday when the cold air breaks up over us and whatever is out there starts moving westwards us on Monday. We are not sure what it will be. Presently all the intensification models are forecasting that - it will not reach anywhere. Tropical depression #9 will not redevelop. However we still have to be cautious that something could happen at the tail end of the cold front because typically this time of the year that is the scenario that occurs - that we get systems developing at the tail ends of cold fronts."

The Met Office is reporting that Belize experienced 2 to 2.5 inches of rainfall last night.

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