The week long, countrywide activities to commemorate Dental Health week, ended today with a dental fair in Belize City. The Dental Health Department along with other organizations who have an interest in maintaining healthy teeth were on hand to provide the community with dental tips and proper oral care. Senior Dental Surgeon, Dr. Rafael Samos, spoke on how many times you need to visit your dentist and what you can do to brighten your smile.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-24_at_6.42.09_PMDr. Rafael Samos- Senior Dental Surgeon, MOH

“We encourage each person to visit the dental clinic at least twice a month so let’s do the maths if your age is twenty multiply that by two and that is the amount of visits you owe me for this year.”


“Between those visits, how would you advise in terms of brushing teeth, flossing teeth that kinds of thing.”

Dr. Rafael Samos- Senior Dental Surgeon, MOH

“Some time the population has had a bad image of the dentist which in the past it used to be, I am going to the dentist to get pain but it has to change around now if you have pain they usually come to the dentist and this is where we come in a we bring back your smile it doesn’t have to be painful.”   

Earlier this year, the Ministry’s Dental Department partook in a survey with the Public Health Inspectorate and the Water Quality Laboratory of Central Health Region to determine the fluoride content of drinking water. Fluoride, as we know, helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevents cavities.  Water Analyst for the Ministry of Health, Anthony Flowers, says the last fluoride survey was done back in 1999 and this survey revealed that Orange Walk’s San Jose/San Pablo area has the highest concentration of fluoride found in two wells that occur naturally.

Anthony Flowers - Water Analyst, Ministry of Health

“The results of the survey showed that generally in Belize our drinking waters supply system does not contain a very high concentration of fluoride.”


“So what is the standard level of fluoride in the system and where are we in terms of that?”

Anthony Flowers - Water Analyst, Ministry of Health

“The United States Center of Disease Control have established an optimum concentration of fluoride in drinking water meaning that if this drinking water contains this optimum amount of fluoride then there is no need for the country of the water system to add any fluoride for that system or to get it from any other source, in Belize we only found optimum concentration of fluoride in some private well in the northern districts primarily Orange Walk, generally as I said we found low levels so that means in Belize we would have to get our fluoride from other source for example the toothpaste.”

This year’s Dental Health Week was held under the theme, "Belize Big Up Your Smile, It Reflects Your Style."

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