Each year the San Andres Village Council in the Corozal District hosts their annual fair in efforts of raising funds to carry out works within the village and this year is no exception.  Glenford Marvin, Chairman of the village dropped by our Corozal Studios and gave us a round down of this year’s event.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-28_at_8.12.16_PMGlenford Marvin– Chairman

“We are planning the San Andres Fiesta that is coming again this month, starting tomorrow Saturday night with an under 17 friendly match football with San Andres versus Patchakan village the under 17 and at 7:30 we will be having a presentation by me as the Chairman and the Area Rep. and then we will have a big dance with Techno Band.”


According to Marvin, this year the event will even feature cultural presentations and with the support of villagers the event is expected to be a huge success.

Glenford Marvin– Chairman

“Well, things are very slow and very hard but things when it comes to unity and help for the village the people try stand up and contribute a little grain of sand and we want to thank some of the villagers who are contributing towards this event even the business sector in Corozal like Mrs. Margie, I want to thank Mrs. Margie, Tortilleria Chicos, big time because she always contribute to my village and to the many businesses that are contributing toward this San Andres Fiesta.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“With the funds that are being gathered at this event, how does this help the council and what are some of the major works that you all will do with the funds that you will collect from this event?”


Glenford Marvin– Chairman

“Yes well, with all the funding that will be coming and right now we are in need of a riding mower and we have big areas to clean, we have the cemetery, we have the park, we have the football field and the community center ground and much more so all funding will go towards a riding mower and we will take a little bit for our annual Christmas program for the kids.”

The two day fair continues on Sunday with a softball marathon starting at 11:00am.

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