Screen_Shot_2014-12-01_at_8.28.54_PMToday men and women joined forces to keep the fight against HIV/AIDS going as they observed World Aids Day. Here in Orange Walk, the HIV Committee organized an event to educate the public and also offer free testing services. Dalila Ical reports.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

Getting to Zero, Zero new infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDs related Death. This is the theme for this year’s World Aids day and the united effort across the globe is the same.

Roger Duran – Member of HIV Committee

“We are sensitizing people in the different aspects related to HIV which mostly focuses in getting tested to know their status if you are negative or positive and at the same time we are urging our community, brothers and sister to come and get tested trying to break down the incidence of HIV and AID to Zero and for this year theme is getting to zero.”

The rain placed a damper on the public’s response but people still stopped by and got their tests done.  According to Roger Duran, member of the Orange Walk HIV Committee, their focus is on getting as many men as possible to take the test.

Roger Duran – Member of HIV Committee

“Reports that are coming up now that infections are more prevalent in the male population and maybe it can be due to factors that are not clearly seeing due to discrimination and stigmatization, a lot of people are afraid to come forward.”

Other health departments joined the committee in their educational campaign sharing information and services on other health related matters. If you are more of a private person, Duran says you can get tested at the Northern Regional Hospital. The tests are confidential and according to Duran it makes every difference for all.

Roger Duran – Member of HIV Committee

“Getting tested and knowing what you status is actually make a difference in your life, we now have treatments that can help you live a healthier and longer life.”

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