The government has issued the Christmas cheer funds a program under which this year its minsters are receiving well over one hundred thousand dollars and PUP representatives are receiving thirty-five thousand to issue within their constituencies. This Christmas Cheer is being funded by Petrocaribe funds which has funded numerous other programs under the government and which the opposition has criticized and even challenged in court. But the opposition is taking part in this program and the PUP Leader Francis Fonseca has publicly expressed his reasons for supporting the program calling it quote, “the most transparent, the most accountable,” end of quote, since no representative receives actual money. In an interview with the Prime Minister on Monday, he was asked to comment on the PUP leader’s support of the program.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_7.46.51_PMHonorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

"Well, Amen."


"But at the same time does this in your opinion weaken your case strategically or in any substantial way legally?"


Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

"Well I think so. I am not quite sure what the applications are for before the court, but this thing in law that if you come to equity, you must come with clean hands. Mr. Espat, who seems to be the chief applicant, I don't know how he will say to the court that he is coming with clean hands if he ends up taking the money from PetroCaribe, so I suspect they will have their difficulties. This is the same Mr. Espat who last year not only wanted the Christmas Cheer, despite our saying nobody will get cash, made an application to me for him to get cash on the basis that he had already purchase some Christmas toys. So, transparency? I won't say anymore."



"You gave him the cash?"

Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

"No! Absolutely not. No. Nobody can get cash."

Under the program, UDP standard bearers also stand to receive some of the Christmas Cheer.

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