Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_7.46.45_PMA traffic accident in Chetumal, Mexico  lands a Belizean mother and her son in the hospital but doctors say the child is the more seriously hurt. Reports indicate that around four on Monday afternoon, Esther Moguel and her eight year old son Kiran Moguel were along with two others heading back to Belize after doing some shopping in Chetumal, Mexico. Both were traveling in the back of a pickup truck driven at the time by one Zacarias Copo.


At an intersection on Avenida Heroes, a little past the Mew Market a vehicle crashed into the pan of the pick-up truck. The hit sent the pick-up truck spinning and in the process flinging both Moguel and her son out onto the asphalt. Esther Moguel sustained a broken hand and a cut to her forehead. Eight year old Kiran was not so fortunate however and sustained serious head injuries.


He underwent surgery last night and is in a critical condition. We understand doctors are monitoring him closely. The vehicle that crashed into the pickup truck that Moguel and her son were in is described as a small blue Volkswagen. It was driven at the time by thirty-five year old Noemi Canto, a Mexican national. According to reports, Canto has not been detained and Mexican authorities have instead detained Zacarias Copo for the accident. He has not been charged for any offense.

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