Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_7.46.19_PMToday, approximately 84 workers employed at the Orange Walk Town Council were engaged in a discussion that featured a new legislature and regulation that will govern the working aspects of all employees, no matter what rank in the Town Councils. Town Administrator Alberto Guerro who elaborated on the legislature says the new regulation will become law in the coming weeks.


“The document is very lengthy, it has a lot of benefits and one of the main ones that I must say is that it is looking to depoliticizes town councils and not just Orange Walk but all nine municipalities, town councils has largely been viewed as highly political from the hiring to the way they operate, this piece of legislation is looking in removing the politics from the town councils leaving the politics to the Mayors and Councilors and having the management and administrators and managers to manage and govern the staff and it also looks to give the employees tenure, meaning not because elections come and parties change that employees have to change, employees will now remain it is to give them tenure which is very good to employees.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Now, usually there is a lot of laws there not being implemented and not being enforced, who is the enforcer in this case?”


“This new piece of law, this HR regulations empowers all employees that if they believe their rights was violated, each employee now has the authority and the power to take the council to court so it is law so employees now have a voice, for example if an employee feels that he/she was qualified for a promotion and someone else was brought in from outside without the proper qualification and experience they can now challenge that legally.”

Facilitating the information session was past Chief Magistrate and current Legal Advisor at the Belize City Council, Margaret McKenzie. 

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