kiranIn last night’s newscast we told you about a tragic accident that left an eight year old boy in critical condition in a hospital in Chetumal City, Mexico.  Tonight, the child is in Belize City at the KHMH but his prognosis is grim and doctors don’t think he will recover. The situation is an extremely unfortunate and sad one for the family as the child may very well be taken off life support tonight. A close family friend, Silvia Gillett told us over the phone what the situation is like for eight year old Kiran Moguel.

Silvia Gillett – Close family Friend

“The child Kiran Moguel was transferred from Clinica General from Chetumal last night over to the Belizean side to Corozal Hospital and the doctors upon reaching there decided to transfer him the KHMH because that hospital does not have a ventilator, immediately he was taken by ambulance to Belize City to KHMH and we been here since about 11:30 last night.  The doctors here have confirmed the same of what the doctors there in Chetumal told us that the child is brain death and he is only alive because of the machines that he is connected to and it is very sad for us because we had hoped that he was going to make it but we can only now pray for a miracle, but the mother is going to be here shortly, she was admitted to Northern Medical Plaza last night and the doctors have asked that she come out, the child and then from there they will know what will happen but because the child presently is what the doctors called brain dead, only his heart is beating and he has no feeling at all, no movement at all.”

The child’s mother Esther Moguel has been taken to the Northern Medical Plaza and is stable. She does require a surgery to her hand as it is broken in two places. As for the driver of the vehicle, Zacarias Copo, he remains in police custody in Chetumal pending the outcome of the child’s situation according to Gillett.

Silvia Gillett – Close family Friend

“Up to when we left last night he was still detained and up to what I understand this morning when I spoke to the person who was looking after with the police, he was going to be detained pending the outcome of the child because they knew the child was in a critical condition so at least when I spoke to him this morning at about ten he was still detained over to the Mexican side, it has been told that he is the person at fault from person who saw the accident and he himself admitted to the police that he run a stop sign.”

The situation like we said before is deeply regrettable for family and friends. Gillett adds that they are distraught at the way the life of a once promising young boy is cut short.

Silvia Gillett – Close family Friend

“It is really sad for us because he was a child who was at home lively, who use to be number one in his class every year and it sad that he just started his live is it so sad for us.”

Moguel and her son were flung out of a moving pickup truck on Monday afternoon on Avenida Heroes in Chetumal City. They were hit by a blue Volkswagen driven at the time by Mexican National Noemi Canto.

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