The Belize Police Department released the latest Comparative Crime Statistics yesterday and figures show that 2014 (up to today) saw 121 murders with 34 arrests made. Last year’s murder rate was at a low 99 but this year that figure surge quite a bit, making it one of the most murderous years in history. CEO in the Ministry of National Security, George Lovell shared with the media what the figures are revealing.

lovellGeorge Lovell – CEO, Ministry Of National Security 

“The figures that we currently see, while it’s at one hundred and twenty-one or one hundred and twenty-two, is one of the lower figures in the last five years – the second lowest to last year’s figure. And when we do our analysis – my analyst shows me that when you do projections – because we were looking at how things would be going all the way to 2020 and how we can bring – because our plans at the Ministry of National Security is to bring our homicides rate per capita to about eight per hundred thousand. And we believe we can do so, and we have a plan to do so. But what that graph shows us is that in doing so we would have seen a rise in 2014, and then there would be a gradual dip going down to 2020. There has been quite a great deal of investment that we have put into our law enforcement entities which sincerely I believe that the investment that we put in has planted the seeds that will be sown later on. These aren’t things that we will see happening immediately.”

Major crimes including murder, rape, robbery, burglary and theft was up. Reports of rape, robbery and theft increased while reports of burglary decreased. The most recorded homicides are in Belize City followed closely by the Cayo District.

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