Last night we told you about the developing story within the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association which was reportedly being registered as a company. Today, officials at the association met with the organization’s attorney Christopher Coye to clear the matter. Chair of the Committee of Management Ezequiel Cansino told the media late this evening that they received the information from their attorney. Today the clarification is that the organization is not being registered, or we should say was not registered as a company but as an association under the companies act. The process however, is reported to be riddled with errors but despite this, the move by what we understand is again a small fraction of the association is of grave concern to the association.

Screen_Shot_2015-02-10_at_7.59.48_PMEzequiel Cansino – Chair, COM, BSCFA

“We did discuss this issue with the person that signed this paper which it cleared us that they did it in a moment of confusion because they didn’t knew what exactly was going on with the refereeing with the Registration of the Association and this morning we had two of them especially Mr. Hernan Villas and Mr. Escaraga who presented to us a resignation letter which has been forwarded to the attorney as they are resigning because they are not in agreement with what is going on, by tomorrow we will be sending a letter to his subscriber to asking them either to dissolve this Association or change the name of the Association.”

Cansino adds that they will also be meeting with other members of the association who signed the new registration and ask them whether they wish to resign or change the name of the association they registered. As is, the association has received resignation letters from Hernan Villas of the Progresso Branch, and Eledino Escarraga of the San Jose branch. They have also received a call from Marcel Gutierrez of Orange Walk who has expressed willingness to resign from the association. Casino and other members of the association however are viewing the move as malicious. The BSCFA will therefore seek to dissolve the association. In addition to this, members of the different branches under the BSCFA have indicated that they want to know who is behind the registration in order to bring some form of lawsuit against them if necessary. That though is still unclear even to the BSCFA officials.

Ezequiel Cansino – Chair, COM, BSCFA

“As it was on the discussion today we clearly understood that Mr. Ortega was one of the members who were together with them persuading them to sign this paper but we don’t know who else is behind this but we will be dealing with it let say in a way that we will try to do it the best way not to hurt anybody even though the organization is already been hurt in this act but we will be getting in contact with these persons to know what will be the decision of tomorrow after we send them the letter.”

Cansino was asked what he feels was the true reason behind the move. He said he is not sure.

Ezequiel Cansino – Chair, CoM, BSCFA

“For me,  it’s not clear but they say that they signed the paper because they were told that the committee of management was not doing anything in this regard by registering the Association but we were advice by our legal advisor that there was no need to do the registration because it was already established and it was already recognized in the amendment and as we know on the 15th of January we received the certificate of the Association from the SICB so we already knew that there was no to go on and register the Association. We believe that that is exactly what some director said that someone believe that because as you read this documents there are other intentions.”

Cansino says that their attorney has indicated that the registration is riddled with flaws such as the name which is reported to be as the Belize Cane Farmers Association. If that was an error or and oversight is not known but what is clear is that the move is causing more harm to the BSCFA’s image.

Ezequiel Cansino – Chair, COM, BSCFA

“It is damaging the Association because out there the cane farmers are confused, they are hearing that now BSCFA is not an Association it is a company and what’s not and the cane farmers are indeed very concerned about this and we are feeling that we are losing credibility with this, some cane farmers are already voiced that they will just be with us this year and they will be leaving because we are not a serious organization but it is not because the management is doing this but it is other persons that are not contented with us, damaging the credibility of the Association, it was very hard for us to keep our cane farmers together and with us with this Association as the BSCFA and it is a pity that we lose them because a group of people are doing this mischievousness to us, especially to the BSCFA.”

Cansino says they will be calling a meeting with its membership on February 22nd to present the matter and decide what their next move will be.

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