Screen_Shot_2015-02-10_at_8.01.02_PMWe have some good fun news to share with our viewers tonight as Centaur’s very own football team has, for the first time, won the inter-office five a side competition over the weekend. The annual event has been played for several years. The competition commenced in October of 2014 and seven companies registered for the competition. The games were played weekly at the People’s Stadium and at the finals held this weekend, the Centaur boys won on a penalty shoot-out, two to three. One of the team members, Ladrick Shepard told us more about the event.

Ladrick Shepard

“It was quite an excited game, Yazir Campos scored the first goal for Centaru early inside the second half and then Nelson scored the second goal to draw the game we had to go to penalty shootout. One of the twins Nelson missed the penalty and we end up managing to win the tournament in penalty shootouts 3-2, we must congratulate the champions because this is the first time that Centaur won a championship after trying four times consecutively then on the other competition it was Landy’s going up against Rick Parts also that game went to penalty shootout , early I the game it was Rick Part scored with Nelson, Estrada scoring for the Rick Parts team then in the second half about three more minutes remaining in the next half it was Jonnie scored for the Landy’s team so both of us will be going for Corozal playing the winner challenging the winner in Corozal.”

The team’s win is not the final battle however as they are slated to go up against the Social Security Board branch in Corozal. Landy’s team will also be playing another team yet to be determined in upcoming games at Corozal. That competition is slated for this month in February.

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