Screen_Shot_2015-02-11_at_8.50.45_PMAfter being on the run from the law for more than two months, last night a fugitive sought by Corozal police handed himself over to authorities.  According to the Officer Commanding the Corozal police formation, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, Jermain Sanker was being sought to answer to several criminal charges filed against him.

Superintendent Andrew Ramirez - Officer Commanding the Corozal police formation

“From the 9th of December last year the name Jermaine Sanker of a Corozal town address was being sank by Corozal police on the base of a warrant on the first instance in relation to arm robbery or robbery committed with fire arms, we have the initial information where a 17 year old minor reported that he was accosted by three male individuals and he had identified one to be Jermaine Sanker as one of the assailants in relation to that matter, his name was also mentioned as a suspect in the Bel-quisine robbery recently occurred couple weeks ago, yesterday sometime in the morning the special operations team headed by Marvin Salam visited an area in the Ranchito area where the said Jermaine Sanker was spotted, was sought after however he eluded the police in relation to that, warning shots were indeed fired because Jermaine Sanker was considered armed and dangerous.”

Superintendent Ramirez added that Sanker handed himself sometime last night to the officer commanding the GSU.


Superintendent Andrew Ramirez - Officer Commanding the Corozal police formation

“He finally makes communication with the officer commanding the gang suppression unit where he decided to hand himself over to Mr. Mark and that was done some time after 11pm last night and he is presently in Corozal police custody pending the charges that I had mentioned in relation to robbery, he will also face an identification parade for addition charges for arm robbery committed where his description fitted his person that was indicated in a witness statement.”

Some of the crimes Sanker is accused of include a report made by Jerson Chan Belizean of Calcutta who reported to Police that on December 5th, 2014 about 7:00pm he was going home after seeing three male persons robbing a Chinese shop in Calcutta Village. He saw who they were and recognized Sanker who had attended school along with him. Chan adds that they later accosted him during which Sanker demanded his phone while pointing a .38 pistol at him.

Sanker is schedule to appear in Court sometime this week.

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