Screen_Shot_2015-03-12_at_7.49.46_PMChild stimulation month has been observed throughout the country since the beginning of March and children still have about two fun packed weeks of activities left to enjoy.  All preschools have organized a series of such activities all in an effort to encourage more active learning and have parents and guardians more involved in their learning process. Today, while at the La Inmaculada Infant Division, we spoke with Agnes Valladarez on the school’s program for the month. Today the children were receiving visits from a number of community workers.

Agnes Valladarez – Teacher

“Today we are doing community workers because it is something important for them to know and we started this morning with the Rotaract group they are part of the community and they work with children, they work with people and they came to school today and we have the Traffic Officers and the Nurse and the Firefighters and the policemen who were also invited to come and talk to the children.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“How has the children been receiving these visitors so far?”

Agnes Valladarez – Teacher

“Well they have been excited because they see them around and they are aware but they have never met them face to face so seeing someone for them it is important and so getting to meet them today they are really happy about it.”

Tomorrow the students will be having a sports day and teachers have organized trips within the community to continue to expound on the topic of community workers.

Agnes Valladarez – Teacher

“It opens their minds to different thing and they explore different things and they see it around but it is not like living day to day so they get to experience things and it helps them a lot.”

There are 118 preschoolers enrolled at La Inmaculada Preschool and teachers expressed sincere gratitude to parents and the community at large for continued support each year.

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