noimageThe members of the Orange Walk Rotaract Club are holding a week of activities to observe International Rotaract Week. Today we caught up with the team at La Inmaculada where they were promoting maternal and child health care with the toddlers at the preschool at that institution.

Jinell Azaeta– Vice President, OW Rotaract Club

“We came to talk about nutrition to the kids and then play games with them and give them a banana and some orange juice but yesterday we were promoting disease prevention and treatment so we had our zumba party at the park and we had two sessions from 5:30 to 6:30 and then in the evening from 6 to 7.  We are celebrating our World Rotaract week which started on Monday and it ends on Sunday, tomorrow is world Rotaract day so we are very excited about that and we will be at Solomon Pre-school little heaven and promoting literacy and on Saturday we will be having our Rotaract  fair at the Central Park and we will be out there from 6 to 2 and we will be providing free glucose testing for anyone who wants to come out and check their glucose level and we will be having that from 6 until 10 in the morning and we will be having doctors out there for free consultation.”

The club members have celebrated world Rotaract Week internally but this year decided to make it a public affair to bring more awareness of their work within the community.

Jinell Azaeta – Vice President , OW Rotaract Club

“Rotaract isn’t about community service it is about also promoting professionalism and leadership skills.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“How big is Rotaract at the moment in Orange Walk?”

Jinell Azaeta – Vice President , OW Rotaract Club

“Right now at the moment we have 12 active member and three on leave we have four prospects.”

The community says Azaeta has been receptive to their work and for the weeks activities so far the response has also been encouraging.  The group will also be holding a joint family day at Nature Park starting from one in the afternoon. It is a family affair and the public is invited to attend.

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