Screen_Shot_2015-03-12_at_7.49.08_PMMarch 9th to 15th is being celebrated as Reef Week. Much can be said about the beauty of Belize’s barrier reef, from breath-taking views and splendour, to its wondrous and colourful species! It is for this reason Oceana Belize is once again highlighting and celebrating this week by creating activities to draw public awareness to one of our greatest natural wonders and the world’s second largest coral reef system. And while each district has its fair share of events, in Corozal, reef lovers are currently making the finishing touches to their park presentation slated for Saturday. Judy Waight is the Field Coordinator for Oceana in Corozal Town.

JUDY WAIGHT – Czl Field Coordinator, OCEANA

“We will be having a booth at Art in the Park on Saturday and we are bringing awareness to the importance of our Barrier Reef and this years’ theme is celebrate our heritage and protect our future, Believe in the Reef and we know that Corozal is a coastal community and in regards to that we know that tourism is our number one industry and one in every four Belizean is employed in the tourism industry being it tour guide, fisherman so we wanted to bring awareness and also to celebrate our barrier reef.”

The week will contain many fun events to celebrate our barrier reef including a River cleanup along the Belize River, many contests and competitions, educational trips, presentations, Ridge to Reef cleanup, a Reef Ride and more. Oceana Belize aims to draw attention, support, and protect Belize’s barrier reef from negative impacts including habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, and overfishing that has taken place over the past years.

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