noimageOn Saturday night some residents of Chan Pine Ridge Village in Orange Walk attended a meeting held by the People’s United Party committee in the village and expressed a number of concerns. Among these are accusations against United Democratic Party Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East Elodio Aragon Junior. In an interview with Chan Pine Ridge resident Damian Tzul, he told us what these allegations are.

Damian Tzul

“Also other issues that were being brought at the Agric Show that was not being held this year, the Chairman of the village after having a meeting with ourselves, members of the committee and with Josue Carballo, the PUP standard bearer, because of Mr. Aragon who is the UDP Standard Bearer wanted him to give him the fair and all funds of that to be channeled to his UDP Committee for his political campaign or whatever, so he refused to give him the fair and that is one of the reasons that the fair was not being held this year, also we discussed about a very sensitive issue here in the village also where Mr. Aragon has made a convenient meeting last week and has stated that he is appointing Mr. Mateo Tzul as acting Chairman of the village and the villagers did not acknowledge what the has done because in the village council act there is nothing that states that as acting Chairman to be appointed we either have to go to a by-lection and then the people then decide a chairman of the village so at no time the villagers will permit that this fake acting chairman will be acknowledge in the village.”

We spoke with Elodio Aragon Junior this afternoon and he denies the accusations. In fact, he says it is absurd that anyone would say that he wanted the revenues of the fair for his committee. Aragon says that he was busy around the date that the fair is usually held. He says that while he had assisted in the fair before, this year he was not closely involved since he was occupied doing other work. In respect to the appointment of an acting village chairman, Aragon says the accusation is ridiculous.


He explained that he has no intention of interfering with the village council or any council in the constituency he wishes to represent as they have been duly elected by the people. His goal has always been to work in collaboration with the councils. The only appointment he has made, he adds, is of a UDP committee which is something he has done in each village in Orange Walk East. Aragon further stated that he could not fathom how these allegations were started except to think that it is only political propaganda being spread in the Chan Pine Ridge community to mar his reputation.

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